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Trust In Trade: TAREKS


TAREKS, Risk Based Control System in Foreign Trade is a web based software enabling to execute import and export audits to be conducted on a risk-based in terms of s compliance with standards, quality and security.

Foreign Trade Permits


Fast and efficient solutions through our Professional staff… Registration Certificate, IMEI Notification, CE Exemption Certificate, Licence for Used Goods and more…

Software Solutions


It offers an opportunity to use in platforms you request , it may be developped towards your corporate needs, it may be integrated with your corporate system. It provides a convenient interface.. Read More

Trust in Trade : Risk Based Trade Control System ( TAREKS)

It aims to have audits performed applied during export and import phases with a contemporary understanding by taking advantages of the innovative technology, in accordance with commercial and economic conditions. Thus, it is ensured that your economic resources are used in a more timely, efficiently and effectively manner.


Government Support in Export

Miscellenous governmental subsidies are provided to the establishments during the expansion of overseas. We provide consulting services for governmental subsidies in preparation, marketing and branding areas.

Investment Incentive, CE Exemption and More …

We have all information and knowledge required to procure you certificates and documents which will increase your speed and continuity and reduce your costs in foreign trade and in production. Our knowledge and experiences will move you one step ahead of your competitors.

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